Manouk Coenders is a textile artist with her atelier in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She creates interactive designs in which she tells stories about hidden subject in the society. She studied fashion design at Willem de Kooning academy. By using textile she translates her thoughts into an interactive and tangible art. The textiles she uses will react in two different ways. Not only does the textile react on the body or space, but the body or space will react on the textile itself as well. This provides a continuous movement in the relations of the participants, their minds, the form and the color of the design, within her designs. By giving people an experience they can feel, see and open themselves up within the movement and procedure.

Furthermore, Manouk also make illustrations which you can purchase in cards. Last but not least, Manouk also makes wall decoration from textile. The textile wall hangings, named as ‘Zielsveel, textile design which celebrates life’, will make your house more lively and fun and it’s not only an added value for the eye but also for the ability to touch the art.

COMING SOON -ZIELSVEEL, ‘textile design to celebrates life.’